Why Do My Brakes Squeak?

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Have you been wondering why your brakes have been squeaking lately? Any abnormal noises from your vehicle should receive your immediate attention, as the root of squeaking brakes can be caused by a few different issues happening within your vehicle.

Since the brakes are so important for you overall safety while driving on the roads of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle, we wanted to cover some of the common causes of brake noises as well as what you should do to resolve the issue!

Why Do My Brakes Squeak?

Most vehicles have standard disc brakes installed in them. Others may have drum brakes, usually for the rear wheels. The cause of your squeaking can depend on which type of braking system you have, so it’s important to first determine that.

Here are a few potential reasons why your brakes are making a squeaking noise for both types of brakes:

Why Do I Need To Replace My Brakes?Worn-out brake pads: Your brake pads are the component of the braking system that is physically applying the pressure and friction to the brake’s rotors. This friction is what causes your vehicle to slow down and stop, but it also creates wear to the pads themselves.

The squeaking you’re hearing can be these pads telling you that they’ve worn down and are in need of a replacement.

Rusted rotors: When there’s moisture on the rotors, it can build up, and a layer of rust can accumulate. When the brake pad presses against the rusted rotor, you may hear it. This rust can be caused by moisture in the air when it’s humid out, from recent rainfall, or from morning dew. This usually will go away after the pads have scraped off that layer of rust that’s collected.

Need more lubrication: Fluid and lubrication are vital components to a majority of the parts in your vehicle. With a lot of metal-on-metal contact, proper lubrication helps minimize wear to parts and prevents them from becoming more severely damaged.

If you’re hearing the noise just from the rear brakes, this could be your drum brakes indicating that they need more lubrication. You should immediately apply lubrication to the contact points of the brakes to prevent permanent rust from building on the metal. If you’re unsure of which lubrication you should use, our service department can show you the recommended product and technique for applying it!

What to Do if My Brakes Squeak

If your brakes start to squeak and it doesn’t go away, you’ll want to have it checked out by an experienced technician. Should this be the case, you can always count on the team of experts at Faulkner Mazda. You can schedule an appointment right on our website or by giving us a call!

Any time you’re concerned about the noise you are hear, you can bring your vehicle into our service center. We’ll diagnosis your issue and amend it quickly with quality parts so that you can get back on the roads of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle in no time.